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Blackhorse photo is where I intend to focus on "fun photography". It will live in that space between a traditional photography business and the typical social "here are all my pictures" web presence. I will in time, sell some prints from this site, but right now it is a learning tool for me to experiment with web presentation and to share some photography with both friends and strangers. I hope to maintain a lighthearted mood here, and enjoy the creative process. My intent is to share some of the beautiful, striking, curious, or just plain funny things that have found themselves captured through a lens by me over the years. I have been shooting pictures since the late 1960's. Mostly as a hobby, and as a creative outlet. In time I would like this to grow into a stock photography operation. I have literally thousands of images to scan into digital form from film. Some of these will need some TLC from image software to properly display the image. Over time, as I build out the content of the site, it will split up into "features" which focus on various types of photography.

I worked for years with and around emergency responders in my "real job", so I collected a number of images of fire fighters and other emergency responders in action.

I also was an active storm chaser and have some images taken during the chase which will be collected into a gallery of weather chase images. Lastly my other favorite subjects include high performance automobiles, war birds and modern military aircraft. They too will all find an expression here. Please feel free to browse around, and enjoy the images! Thanks for visiting my test domain.

All images copyright Larry Ledwick

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